Personalised Pet Bowl and Mat Set


Ensure your fur baby eats like a king or queen with our personalised food bowl and mat set. You have the option of having your pets name and a photo added, or just their name if you prefer. Names are added in a paw print style font. Mats have a rubber base so they are slip proof. The printed area is made from polyester so isn't wipe clean, but they can be washed!

Sizes: Mat is 44cm long x 25cm wide; bowls are available in 2 sizes small (12.4cmx5.1cm) and large (18.5cmx8cm)

Care instructions: These are sublimated so they can be washed. For the mats, I would recommend washing on a cold wash and no tumble drying. They may be bobbly after due to the material but I washed Pablo's as a test and used a lint roller on it once it was dry and it came up as new (the photo of his was taken after a wash!). Hand washing is recommend to prevent fading over time.